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I dropped Moi off for Lego Camp yesterday, and there was an Ultimate game in the park, so I grabbed my gear out of the trunk and went out to play. I got re-sunburned (doh!) and was a wreck for bowling, but it was way cool to play with the youngins. The skill level was low, which was lucky since my althleticism/conditioning wouldn't have held for a higher level game. We played 6 on 6 for a while, then dropped to 6 on 5. I was on the team with 5 and we won anyway by using a 2-2-1 zone.

Today I will pay for that in pain. I'm happy to pay.
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Went running with my brother Sunday. Damn, he's faster than I am. His main racing medium is the bike, but he's still got so much better cardio that his practice pace (even slowed down to accommodate me) is faster than I can sustain. Also my energy has been lagging lately. I mostly notice it at swimming practice, when I'm gasping for air more than usual. I suspect I'm stressing enough to burn up energy I would otherwise use to exercise.
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I made the bowling, running, and swimming as predicted. Also as predicted, I was really sluggish on the cardio. This was most painful in swimming. The phlegm and fluid that has built up from all the enforced idleness makes my lungs feel really heavy and makes breathing slow. Slow breathing and swimming aren't exactly the best possible mix. I found that to make progress I had to rely on the backstroke two out of three lengths of the pool because I just wasn't getting enough air during the crawl. Getting back into shape is always painful, but this one is worse than normal.
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The dark red spot in small enough to turn round again, about an inch in diameter. The pus is venting and it is losing a lot of mass. I should make bowling next week, and restart running the morning after, and swimming the day after.

No, I'm not easing into it.
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I got bit by a spider or somesuch, and the bite got infected with a resistant staph strain. Now there is an egg-shaped swelling about 10" by 5" on my leg. It doesn't hurt, but my doctor has ordered me to limit motion as much as possible. Since I'm already coming off the limited exercise from the eye surgery, I predict I'll be a basket case before I'm back running and swimming again. Now he doesn't even want me WALKING more than I have to.
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Back on the cross country team in high school, training was always about the watch. Pace had to be controlled to get the right kind of workout each day, and overall form was geared around peaking at the big races at the end of the season.

I haven't worn a watch in, well... at least a decade. The experience of running without checkpoints and time goals is a really different one. I find I'm a lot more in tune with my own cardio-vascular system, but that may have more to do with experience than the watch.

On the flip side I doubt my pace is improving the way it would if I actively monitored it and mixed in interval workouts, run-sprint drills, and "gut hill"

Still, it looks like Peter is down for the count tomorrow, so I'll have to go swimming alone. Missing would be bad.
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My night run got interrupted tonight...I tried to adjust the elastic on my sweats at around the half mile mark and SPROING! The elastic came out in my hand and I almost tripped my pants dropped down so fast.

On second though, I was trying to tighten the elastic, so I've lost girth since the last time I wore those sweats. Not at all surprising since last I checked I had gained around 40 lbs from my pre-hospital norm of 135-ish to make me a whopping 170-180 lbs at only 5'6". Growing taller is probably out of the question at age 36, so I guess I'll just need to lose weight if I want to see my old shape again.

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The rain finally broke and I could see stars. I just had to go out running, even though it was after two in the morning. After being cooped up by the rain for over a week, I really felt like pushing for pace. The thing was, I got to my usual stopping point, and felt like going for more distance as well. I didn't bring a watch, so I don't really know my pace, but I figure I was around 4-5k distance.

My glasses completely fogged up as soon as I got back inside. I'm going to make a point of running whenever the opportunity is there. I know its better to have a habit-time, but with the weather I don't think that'll work for a while.


Dec. 8th, 2005 10:02 am
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They say a bruise takes a week to heal, so I was back to league bowling last night. My knee was fine, so it's time to start running again.

We probably set the league record for close games. The three results were: win by one pin, win by six pins, and tie (win set by 7, for a 3.5-.5 entry)


Dec. 3rd, 2005 08:46 am
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I went swimming last night, after multiple missed sessions for a range of good to not-so-good reasons. Being able to exercise without putting weight on my knee was a huge plus. The swelling around my knee is almost gone. It is still a little tender to the touch, but much improved from a few days ago.

I focused on the back side balance drill from Total Immersion and immediately noticed an improvement in my freestyle speed. I'm not timing myself for now, but the difference is large enough to trust my mental timer. Also, I hit the wall harder.
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After being so good about not doing anything reckless in my triathlon training, I went to league bowling last night. During the pre-game practice, I slipped on my pant leg and fell straight down onto my knee, putting all my weight onto the lower edge of my patella. I bowled my worst three game set since the league started, but Ollie had a good enough night that we managed a 1-3 result.

I took a mild anti-inflammatory as soon as I got home and used some frozen broccoli as an ice pack. This morning there is a dull ache so I'm going to miss running for a few days, but I think I should be fine for swimming. I might even use this as an excuse for an extra swimming session like [personal profile] stoneself has been trying to convince me to do.

At least my body seems to be taking the healing seriously, since I slept until 11:30am.


Nov. 29th, 2005 09:08 pm
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Same bat time, same bat channel. Didn't focus on anything in particular, but I counted my strides for the long straightaway. Almost 200. So the lap is probably a lot longer than my original estimate. I'm not ready to go out and measure, though.


Nov. 29th, 2005 12:20 am
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Just got back. Same two laps as before, but this time I tried to treat the whole thing as a sprint. I had to slow to a run for most of the second lap, but I finished the last straightaway (about 70 yards) at a full sprint. I actually met two people that were walking in spite of the majorly late hour (it's just after midnight here). I accidentally scared the snot out of the first of them when I passed him.

Now I just need to force myself to stretch better than I did and I'll be okay. This night slot is working out well as no one ever schedules a conflict.


Nov. 27th, 2005 10:10 pm
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I enjoyed the night run so much last night that I did it again tonight. Same two laps, no escalation. I plan to make a habit of it on nights where I don't have other exercize. Tonight's focus was on striding evenly so my left leg matches my right. It seems to have worked because my back feels fine and nothing else is hurting, cramping, nor any other form-related symptoms.


Nov. 26th, 2005 10:32 pm
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The Sharks just lost a heartbreaker 7-6 thanks to some weak goaltending and a particularly stupid penalty late in the 3rd period. That left me with some pent up frustration, and for a change I decided to use it for an "extra" run late at night. I only ran two laps around my oversized block, but the run felt great. For those of you into numbers, I figure it was about 300 yards to the lap, so were are only talking about a 3/8 mile run -- just enough to get my head screwed back on straight.

I kept a running stride without jogging, kept my shoulders loose and my breathing even. In spite of the short distance, I felt some minor cramping in my left risers just below the ribcage, so I figure I was short-strided on the left. I know that overstriding on the right would have the same symptoms, but that wasn't my error. I'll have to watch it on my next run.
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Why on earth would I be starting a second blog? I already have a blog, but that one is different from this one in two ways. First, my blog at Yahoo is a single-topic thing to which I'm controlling the access. Not tightly, but I figure I don't really want to share it with anyone who doesn't know me well enough to know what what it is about. And anyone who has known me for more than a month or two can guess what the blog is about. I'm not worried about hackers getting at it, not because I don't think they can, but because I doubt any hacker worth his or her salt would give a damn about a personal blog.

This blog is for everything else in my life. So what does that comprise?

I've left my job making gazillions of dollars in high tech to go back to teaching, which is basically like taking a vow of poverty, but I'm okay with that for a little while at least. I can do without the stress right now, and have some savings to coast on until I get something that pays actual money a year or five down the road.

[personal profile] stoneself has convinced me to train for a triathlon. I already run, but the swimming is going to be a major challenge as I hadn't swum laps in more than a decade until we started a few weeks ago. My swim form is pathetic, but I'm learning from [personal profile] stoneself and this book called "Total Immersion" This Thursday will be my first time in the pool since buying the book. I'm paying [personal profile] stoneself back by teaching him to run without bouncing.

I play a lot of boardgames. The German kind, not Monopoly. Either you know what that is or you'll have to wait for a post where I have more time to explain it. The short version is that the games are mostly designed as adult level challenges for a social context. Kids can play most of them but often at a very different standard of play, the same way kids can play chess. Some people get really serious about the games and hold tournaments, but I've distanced myself from that world. Stories of when I wasn't so distant from that world can also wait.

I have two kids. Richard is 12 and Moira is 8. I just wrote a bunch about them elsewhere so I probably won't have much to say about them in these pages.

I also play poker seriously. Yes, in a real casino. Yes, for real money like you see on television. No, I haven't been on tv myself, but at the level I'm playing there is a real chance of that next year when the World Poker Tour comes to San Jose.

What else? I read, but not as much or as seriously as when I was in school. That might change as I get back into teaching, but it hasn't yet. I've been renting a lot of movies. I got the all-you-can-rent deal at blockbuster a couple months ago and have been tearing through everything available. That was really cool at first as I went through all the sundance official selections and suchlike. Then I got to the bad movies, and the sparkle started wearing off pretty quickly, save for a little discovery that some good cable TV shows end up at blockbuster, so now I know what everyone was talking about with the Sopranos and Deadwood and a few others. That's about bottomed out too now, so I'm thinking I'll expire my deal at the end of the month.

That's plenty for a first entry. I'll stop rambling and get some sleep now.


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