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I went in for my followup this morning, and the doctor pulled off the artificial membrane thingies with the comment "Both of these are folded up...I'm surprised you could see anything at all."

Now I can see. The white background of the computer screen is a bit much, but I can see.

This is going to be so cool. I tested 20/15 // 20/15 right after the membranes were pulled out, but now my eyes are tearing up and I can't see well again. Once this settles, I should be in great shape.
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In a few minutes, I'll be leaving for eye surgery. This is so cool.
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My cornea is too thin, so I'm going in next Monday for a different procedure called wavefront RKT, which takes a bit longer to heal from. Dammit. Time to replan my whole week.
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So I was playing poker and winning, more so than usual. When I got to the cage (the place where poker chips turn back into money) I was feeling very pissed that my glasses were a little mangled and I needed new ones, so I was going to take my wad of money and get new glasses right then and there. So I drove out onto Saratoga and immediately say the Laser Eye Center.

Now being at the LEC and having the funds, in cash, for a lasik operation, was pretty weird, but I decided to go in. They had a bunch of stats and such, but in a very un-me-like mode, I decided I didn't care and signed up for an appointment right then and there. By this time next week I will have had the operation, unless something turns up in my results to prevent it.

Well, at least I didn't spontaneous myself into permanent body art.


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