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Went running with my brother Sunday. Damn, he's faster than I am. His main racing medium is the bike, but he's still got so much better cardio that his practice pace (even slowed down to accommodate me) is faster than I can sustain. Also my energy has been lagging lately. I mostly notice it at swimming practice, when I'm gasping for air more than usual. I suspect I'm stressing enough to burn up energy I would otherwise use to exercise.
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I'm going to be working out some life-or-death engineering details, and I'm going to shove them down the medical profession's collective throat. It isn't exactly lucrative, but its the kind of live-or-die engineering that should already have been dealt with long before-hand. Here's the background story.

My Uncle Ron has needed a respirator to stay alive for the better part of two years. Sunday he needed the air bottle swapped out for a full one. The bottle got stuck and wouldn't release properly. My aunt could not get a new bottle in before the old one went from "warning-low" to "actually empty" The result was hypoxia-induced cardiac arrest.

I bet there is an inexpensive way that an extra piece of hardware could have worked around the single point of failure (the dispenser).
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I made the bowling, running, and swimming as predicted. Also as predicted, I was really sluggish on the cardio. This was most painful in swimming. The phlegm and fluid that has built up from all the enforced idleness makes my lungs feel really heavy and makes breathing slow. Slow breathing and swimming aren't exactly the best possible mix. I found that to make progress I had to rely on the backstroke two out of three lengths of the pool because I just wasn't getting enough air during the crawl. Getting back into shape is always painful, but this one is worse than normal.
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The dark red spot in small enough to turn round again, about an inch in diameter. The pus is venting and it is losing a lot of mass. I should make bowling next week, and restart running the morning after, and swimming the day after.

No, I'm not easing into it.
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My leg is getting much better. I blew my perfect attendance record at bowling tonight, but there is no sane way I could have attended. I had just been released from stir after the eye surgery, and to be thrust right back into it so soon is going to be the end of me.

For those who like biological details, the swelling peaked at about 10" long, 4-5" wide. The pus-filled hard spot got to be about the size of a Kennedy half. The super nasty antibiotics mean I'll have to slump to the grocers for some yogurt soon to restart my digestive system.

Now the thing has receded to about 4-5" long and 2-3" wide. The pus part seems to vent itself when I shower, so I doubt they will lance it manually.

All's well that ends.
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I got bit by a spider or somesuch, and the bite got infected with a resistant staph strain. Now there is an egg-shaped swelling about 10" by 5" on my leg. It doesn't hurt, but my doctor has ordered me to limit motion as much as possible. Since I'm already coming off the limited exercise from the eye surgery, I predict I'll be a basket case before I'm back running and swimming again. Now he doesn't even want me WALKING more than I have to.
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So I was playing poker and winning, more so than usual. When I got to the cage (the place where poker chips turn back into money) I was feeling very pissed that my glasses were a little mangled and I needed new ones, so I was going to take my wad of money and get new glasses right then and there. So I drove out onto Saratoga and immediately say the Laser Eye Center.

Now being at the LEC and having the funds, in cash, for a lasik operation, was pretty weird, but I decided to go in. They had a bunch of stats and such, but in a very un-me-like mode, I decided I didn't care and signed up for an appointment right then and there. By this time next week I will have had the operation, unless something turns up in my results to prevent it.

Well, at least I didn't spontaneous myself into permanent body art.


Dec. 8th, 2005 10:02 am
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They say a bruise takes a week to heal, so I was back to league bowling last night. My knee was fine, so it's time to start running again.

We probably set the league record for close games. The three results were: win by one pin, win by six pins, and tie (win set by 7, for a 3.5-.5 entry)


Dec. 3rd, 2005 08:46 am
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I went swimming last night, after multiple missed sessions for a range of good to not-so-good reasons. Being able to exercise without putting weight on my knee was a huge plus. The swelling around my knee is almost gone. It is still a little tender to the touch, but much improved from a few days ago.

I focused on the back side balance drill from Total Immersion and immediately noticed an improvement in my freestyle speed. I'm not timing myself for now, but the difference is large enough to trust my mental timer. Also, I hit the wall harder.
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After being so good about not doing anything reckless in my triathlon training, I went to league bowling last night. During the pre-game practice, I slipped on my pant leg and fell straight down onto my knee, putting all my weight onto the lower edge of my patella. I bowled my worst three game set since the league started, but Ollie had a good enough night that we managed a 1-3 result.

I took a mild anti-inflammatory as soon as I got home and used some frozen broccoli as an ice pack. This morning there is a dull ache so I'm going to miss running for a few days, but I think I should be fine for swimming. I might even use this as an excuse for an extra swimming session like [personal profile] stoneself has been trying to convince me to do.

At least my body seems to be taking the healing seriously, since I slept until 11:30am.


Nov. 20th, 2005 08:00 pm
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My cold got a *lot* worse on Friday, fever and congestion in surplus. The fever broke at some vague time yesterday, and now I feel fine. I'm just glad it's gone. Now I'll have to do that nasty running session where I clear the phlegm out.

got a cold

Nov. 18th, 2005 07:36 am
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It's weird to say this, but I haven't had a cold in two or three years. I've been in hospitals and treated for any number of really nasty conditions, most of which turned out to be bad diagnosis, but nothing so mundane as a cold. I guess this is the plowshare from reconnecting with my friends and going to public places.

I'll spare you the clinical details. Time for lots of juice and rest.


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