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[Names all encrypted. If you know the people you should have little problem figuring who is who, and if you don't know the people this won't be your introduction.]

Not really. This is a mini-trip report. I went to E3a's birthday party, which was a nice break because I'd been completely booked with school applications and teaching and figuring out pre-reqs for classes and lining up thesis advisors and dealing with IRS pre-audits and more related crap than I want to list. This was the first time is was somewhere that I was not in charge of anything and had no responsibilities whatsoever, except for Chirashi lunch, which was also today.

So anyway E3a's party started at an Italian restaurant vaguely near where I live. I had previously looked at the directions but failed to bring them with me, but I was able to get there straight away with no wrong turns just by memory of the directions (go Y! Maps). E3a had some very nice icebreakers set up, and assigned seating to mix people who did NOT know each other together. That proved way cool, as did making play-doh animals and a play-doh celtic knot (Yes, all the over/unders worked, no I didn't manage to save it).

I met J4y, X1o, and M2k for the first time. B5a and J4e wer also there, and E3a and L4e, of course. Dinner was fantastic and the conversation wended from politics to shoes to clay ducks. Really. Oh, and how cool it is to see Al Gore on the big screen.

Dinner was delicious, and afterwards the party moved to The Blank, where the Red Elvises were playing (thus the weird subject line). They does actually play Elvis music.

It was a fun set. They are an indie band drawing heavily on Russian and Ukraine musical traditions fused with American music., including an electic Balalika (sp?). The crowd was predominantly Slavic, and it was great to hear the language and feel the energy. The scream-along and clap along segments worked, even though most bands could never pull that off.


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