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Some sage advice from 1947 from people who had lived the consequences of the alternative.

"Here in America it is not a question of whether we tolerate minorities. America IS minorities."

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The Texas GOP seems to have removed their party platform from their website. You can still find it at the Texas Tribune.

The Platform states
Except for non-citizens, we further oppose any national ID program.
The context goes on to defy the urban legend of a government conspiracy from hell to put the mark of the Beast on everyone, with the old fear of UPC tattoos updated as RFID tags.

How the hell are people whose citizenship is questioned supposed to verify their legal status?

Gay Rights

Jun. 5th, 2006 12:24 pm
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With [personal profile] stoneself on the AIDS ride eating deep fried artichokes, I got to thinking about the inevitable gay bashing that would come with the upcoming election, and what the next victory would look like on that front of the civil rights war.

Oddly enough, I think the next win looks like boredom. Predictably, the Republicans are going to bring up the FMA and gay marriage and abortion in the coming election. The question remains whether than can actually energize their base with that message. My hope is that as the right starts pandering again this year, the majority will see it for what it is...pandering.

There are a few anti-gay message coming out now from the usual suspects like Dobson, but the message seems impotent. He warns that if the Republicans "forget [to bash gays], then [the bigots] will forget [to vote Republican]" The timing couldn't be worse for his side. In the middle of the AIDS ride, most gay-related stories are on the most positive footing the media ever lets them gets. A generic anti-gay message in this climate has a real potential to fall flat and boring. Ignore Mr. Hater for a minute and listen to the debate from Ms. On The Fence's point of view watch the News. They contrast the AIDs ride with the unspoken well-known association to gays where everyone is talking about cures and life with Dobson calling out for symbolic persecution that doesn't even change the status quo. In the absence of the level of interest to form a fake debate with someone to play the role of the scary gay guy, the impression about Dobson and his crew is "What a pointless."

The clearest sign that the next victory has started to happen will be when politicians on the right start to leak stories about themselves not caring about the hot button issue, or only taking the stance for political reasons. There public stances on the issue won't change at first, but the more the polls tell them not to take the hard line, the less likely hard legislation should become (ignoring odd backlash situations).

A really encouraging sign is coming from a popular figure in the South (yes, you heard me right). Take Ron White; he's one of the top four comedians from the South, and his comedy comes down harshly on homophobes without ever calling his own sexuality into question. "Homophobia. What a wasted emotion. Didn't you think they were all dead?" He also endorses something like the Kinsey scale "Everyone is gay; it's just a question of to what extent"

Slightly off topic, Dixie Chick bashing has gone so far out of vogue that I've actually heard someone publicly brag that they liked the group even when everyone was down on them in the same kind of tones that a teenager says "I liked Pirates before they were cool"

Go life cyclers!


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